Background & Licensing

Lylly's areas of expertise go beyond Reflexology. Within her personalized and deeply relaxing therapeutic practice are included combinations of Swedish Massage, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki. Lylly encourages her clients to find the perfect session that will meet their needs.

Lylly is a Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage providing Reiki sessions and classes since 2004. Lylly experienced Reiki and Reflexology for the first time in Tucson, Arizona in 2001 and her life changed. Feeling how energy moved through her body to achieve healing unlocked for her an alternative way to deal with dis-ease. Lylly believes that holistic healing complements and walks parallel to traditional medicine. She made a commitment to master both techniques to be available to those who could benefit from Reflexology and Reiki as she did. Lylly attended the Florida School of Massage and under Karen Ball's teachings became a Certified Hand and Foot Reflexologist in 2004.

In 2004 she initiated her Reiki training with Master Teacher Sunemaura O'Brien and became a practitioner, extending her Reiki treatments to the four legged members of the family as well.  She has been holding Reiki circles and teaching since 2006 when she reached the Master Teacher level. For Lylly, Reiki is more than a practice, it is a conscious way of daily life.  She considers that the opportunity to pass on to others the information that she received is an honor.

Lylly received her Massage Therapist License and the National Reflexology Certification in 2007 and immediately opened her private practice. She pursued her commitment of being available as a Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner to assist others in achieving greater levels of health, relaxation, joy, and peace.



Teaching Experience

Reflexology at your Fingertips, 2020 - Workshop

University of Florida 360° Mindfulness Program

Gainesville, Florida


Reiki  & Reflexology, 2009 - Presentation

Cancer Connections

Gainesville, Florida 


Reiki Energy: Recovering from Chronic Illness, 2009 - Workshop (1.5 Credits)

North Central Florida Holistic Healing Conference

Florida School of Massage.  Gainesville, Florida 


Reiki , Chakras, and the Human Body, 2009 - Workshop (1.5 Credits)

North Central Florida Holistic Healing Conference

Florida School of Massage.  Gainesville, Florida 


Reiki , Chakras, and Reflexology, 2009 - Workshop

Wise Women Festival. Melrose, Florida


Reiki and The Chakras, 2008 -Workshop

Wise Women Festival.  Hampton, Florida 


Reiki and Non-Traditional Reiki, 2007 - Workshop

Wise Women Festival.  Hampton, Florida 


Reiki Level I for children & their families, teachers or child care workers, 2007 - Workshop

The Sanctuary.  Gainesville, Florida

Reiki in the Usui Ryoho Tradition, 2006 - Current

Reiki classes for levels I, II, Master, and Master Teacher

Gainesville, Florida 








Additional Education


Ethical and legal considerations in massage therapy*

Medical errors prevention*

Therapeutic strategies for surgeries, scars and burns

An evidence-based guide to treatment of fibromyalgia for massage therapists

Hot stone therapy

Heartsaver CPR & AED program

Yoga of awareness

Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare provider CPR & AED program

Reflexology for the hands


Thai foot Reflexology

Introduction to the emotional freedom technique

When diets quit working, time for a radical different approach

A taste of Thai massage

Healing power of love and compassion

This dance heals; this dance gives you joy

The parable of the perfect candelabra: empowering individuals in health care, education and business

Esoteric healing: a holistic approach to energetic balancing

Therapeutic breathwork process

Therapeutic breathwork: a viable tool for self-exploration

Visionary Craniosacral anatomy

Visionary Craniosacral work I

Visionary Craniosacral work II

Shamanic Reiki I, II

Tera Mai Reiki I, II

*Mandatory training / every two years





In Your Hands

By Lylly Rodriguez ~ October 2006


In your hands, I trust my body

the vehicle that carries my soul

I trust you from my heart

I know, you won’t let me down


I have come to you in pain,

I have come to you in sorrow,

I have come to you full of hope,

that my body will let go

guided by your hands,

what my mind or heart holds back


I believe in magic ….. oh yes,

I have seen it happen in your hands


I honor your hands,

sacred vessel of healing, peace, and wellbeing

where compassion and knowledge blend

in giving


In your hands I have cried,

contracted… relaxed… and laughed,

In your hands I have found myself in my body,

In your hands my emotions and worries

found a way out, freeing me of pain and repression


Your hands touch my body and the reaction starts:

connective tissue moving muscles,

tendons finding relief,

bones going back to their places,

ligaments resting in between


Blood running full of energy through my circulatory system

reaching powerfully the smallest cell in my body,

Breathing In ……… Breathing Out,

with intention or effortless

lalaland ….. where miracles happen

I see colors! Images! I go places I did not know about


Breathing …. in harmony,

connected with my body, feeling my emotions,

letting go, bringing in good things


All of this goes on while you allow,

the power of your intention

to flow through your hands,

giving with mastery and precision

a perfect massage


Your hands talk the ancient language of the world,

the language of the heart

and express with the art of compassion


May your hands always be you

I wrote this poem for the 2006 Florida School of Massage Graduation Class who invited me as a guest speaker.

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